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The Delve – IED Games
March 29, 2016

The Delve

Are you ready to face The Delve? Assemble your party, outfit them with weapons and armour, and prepare to enter a dungeon of your foe’s design. The Delve pits two players against one another in a dungeon crawling and building experience. On your turn, your party will go up against fierce monsters and devious traps, laid down by your opponent. However, on their turn, you get to exact revenge. But be warned, your most powerful monsters offer you the greatest reward.

The Delve utilises a unique dual-faced card system whereby what could be a detriment to your opponent can be a boon for you. Do you choose to play the dreaded Manticore, knowing that your foe doesn’t stand a chance? Or do you keep it, hoping to reap the reward of the Restoration Spell on your turn?

Plan well, play better, and you may just survive The Delve.