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Fimbulvintr – IED Games
March 23, 2016



Can you survive the Fimbulvintr, the three years before Ragnarok, when all manner of evil walks the earth to topple the Gods. You will be playing as a Clan Chief, trying  to amass an army and fight the creatures, Draugr, and Demi-Gods that threaten yours and the world’s existence. You will do this by exploring new territories, attacking the beasts that may arise there and, in some cases, taking the fight to your rival Clan Chiefs.

Clan Chiefs have a unique ability that can help them fight the monsters, gain favour of the Gods, or even pass enemies by without the need for bloodshed. Each Clan Chief will also be backed by one of the Gods of Norse Lore offering you an ability that can help you in your quest to survive.

Survival, however, is not the only goal in Fimbulvintr. If, by some tragedy, you fall in Fimbulvintr you will be revived as a general of Surt and gain access to the powerful Malrunr to aid in bringing about Ragnarok and the end of days.