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Arc Light – IED Games
March 23, 2016

Arc Light

Arc Light – noun – A revolutionary serum developed by Dr. Jenas to create beneficial mutations in homo sapiens when introduced to the subject and exposed to radiation. Caution: if the subject is exposed for too long without the inhibitor, they will become ravening beasts.

Arc Light – location – A top-secret research facility in the Arctic Circle.

Arc Light – incident – All communication has ceased from the facility and the Situational Management Team have been dispatched.

Arc Light is a game of tactics and intrigue, pitting a team of Special Forces Operatives against the supernatural creations of the Arc Light serum. Players take control of members of the Situational Management Team, a group of specially trained individuals with a unique set of skills. Players must utilise these skills, and work together as a unit to achieve their Mission Objective.

Against the players are the hideous mutations of the Arc Light serum, the Omega Black security detail, and Dr. Jenas himself. Also lurking in the bowels of the facility is the doctor’s most successful creation, Rackstraw, 8ft of corded muscle, wielding a mini-gun in each hand.

Using the Mission Engine, players create their own scenario providing unique challenges and objectives which can range from simple escape, to seeking out and destroying Rackstraw.